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A Country Club for Car Enthusiasts

Throughout history, innovation in transportation has been at the forefront of our research. The world constiantly wants to travel quicker. more efficiently, and more comfortably. a other form of transportation has received as much attention to this progression of development as what is now considered a necessary staple for most people, the automobile. From the Model T Ford to the cars of 2010, the automotive industry has become a mainstay for nearly every person. The automobile has also become more than just a mode of transportation for many people as well. For those that are able, a car is a reflection of who a person is, reflecting their taste and personality. For others, cars can be a hobby. Still, for others, cars become a passion. For many of these individuals, the hobbyist, the car lover, and the like, a very unique sub-business has arisen out of the auto industry as a whole, the vintage and specialty car auto market. Vintage Autohaus & Imports has capitalized on this ever growing market to become one of the premiere vintage and classic car dealerships in the nation.

promo1Emmett Rice, owner of Vintage Autohaus & Imports, has, since his early years, been involved in the automobile industry in nearly every facet, from sales to management. Emmett, through hard word and dedication built up a multitude of auto dealerships across the nation. He, along with other partners, built the nation's first automotive dealership group to become a publicly traded company, Cross Continent Auto Sales. This concept was such an innovative idea, that other companies followed suite, creating huge "chains" of dealerships under one major company. Cross Continent Auto Sales was so successful, that Autonation, now one of the largest automotive dealership corporations in the world, purchased the business in 1996. Emmett, loved the auto industry, but had a vision for something more than just a typical automotive dealership. It is from this vision that Vintage Autohaus & Imports was born.

Vintage Autohaus & Imports is an automotive dealership that specializes in vintage, antique, classic, and specialty vehicles. Emmett found that there was no facility quite like what he envisioned in this area and decided to capitalize on that. Amarillo's dry weather made it a prime location for a facility that specialized in classic and antique vehicles (humidity can cause havoc with older model vehicles). In November of 2007, Vintage Autohaus & Imports threw its hat into the ring of vintage and specialty car dealerships. The market for these types of automobiles has become huge, garnering a following of literally millions of people. This market for vintage and classic vehicles is not a new trend and has been growing since the middle of the century. The well known automotive publication Hemmings, started in 1954, is now the longest running automotive periodical to date. The premise behind this publication was to provide a "one stop shop" for the automotive needs of a vintage and classic car enthusiast and has come to be known as "The Bible" for the antique and classic car industry. Within the next 3 years, it's projected that the vintage auto market will hit the $20 billion mark in the auto industry.

Those that carry an interest in vintage, antique, and classic autos come from many walks of life. Many of Vintage Autohaus & Import's clients are coming from the "Baby Boomer" generation and may simply want the nostalgia of their first car or the dream car from their younger years. For these buyers, Vintage Autohaus & Imports can accommodate nearly any request for that special car that takes one back to a simpler time, brought to you in superb condition and ready to drive. For other clients, classic and vintage cars are a hobby or side business. For these types of clients, a classic or antique car provides a fun pastime to work on.

Some aquire these vehicles to rebuild or restore to their original glory. Others purchase them to transform the machines into hot rods.

promo2No matter what one's purpose for purchasing a vintage or classic vehicle might be, Vintage Autohaus and Imports can accommodate nearly any require. Vintage is more than just an antique and classsic car dealership however. Vintage Autohaus & Imports offers not only sales but consignment services, temperature regulated indoor storage, detailing, and maintenance & upgrade services. Vintage has a highly trained set of automotive technicians that are capable of working on ANY vehicle. Only can Vintage's auto techs work on any antique or classic vehicle, they can also maintain and repair imports like Mercedes, Porsche and even exotics and super luxury vehicle. Vintage Autohaus & Imports offers a service that one would normally have to travel hundreds of miles for. In addition to their incredible service department. Vintage also has the unique capability to fabricating almost any part required for a vehicle if one cannot be found. For a multitude of older vehicles, some parts are no longer produced, even after market, and so, Vintage took upon itself the duty of making sure that no client would go without a necessary part for their vehicle with their distinctive fabricating process. Vintage Autohaus & Imports also buys certain vehicles as they are constantly looking to expand their inventory of unique antiques, classics, and specialty cars. For those who are looking for that very specific vehicle.

1955 Belair conv.

promo3Vintage Autohaus has the capacity of a vehicle locating service and can track down nearly any vehicle one may desire. In addition to all of these services, Vintage Autohaus & Imports also boasts the amenity of its members lounge. Members may utilize this lounge for not only a place to come and relax, but also for private gatherings and meetings, giving Vintage the aspect of a country club without the golf course.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits offered to Vintage Autohaus clientele, Vintage has sold vehicles all over the world including Europe, New Zealand and even U.A.E. Vintage Autohaus & Imports is listed in the Amarillo area Cramber of Cornmerce pamphlet as a local attraction, drawing a multitude of auto enthusiasts to Amarillo to see their remarkable inventory.

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